Based in Royal Tunbridge Wells, we have a passion for all things nice. Our collection of Vintage and Antique furniture sets us aside. We look for the rare, unique, and bespoke. Every piece we restore, we love. 

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  • Antique Furniture

    Loving buying antique and vintage furniture is a passion shared by many due to the uniqueness and character of each piece. The thrill of discovering a hidden gem and the satisfaction of preserving a piece of history is unparalleled. Antique and vintage furniture is often handcrafted with attention to detail and quality, making it a worthwhile investment that can be passed down through generations. The hunt for the perfect piece can be a fun and exciting adventure, and incorporating these pieces into modern decor can add depth and personality to any space.

  • Antiques Finder

    We have had a remarkable experience in finding rare antique furniture through our extensive network of antique dealers located across the globe. By tapping into this network, we have been able to discover unique pieces that are not easily found in local markets. This network has not only enabled us to acquire rare and valuable pieces, but it has also allowed us to expand our knowledge and appreciation of antique furniture from different cultures and time periods

  • We Are Specialist Couriers

    Our courier service was born out of a pain point - receiving damaged goods during transit without any means of compensation due to the fine print in today's courier policies. As antique dealers, we have experienced this firsthand, which is why we launched our own courier division. Our goal is to ensure that your item is delivered to you in the same condition as when it left your hands.


★★★★★ "You will not find better customer service than MarshallwalkerUK. Charlie and Lee are outstanding. Totally courteous and professional. They never once applied pressure on me to buy; rather, they were committed to making sure that all of my questions were thoroughly answered and that I was comfortable with my purchase. In short, Charlie and Lee went "above and beyond." Blindly buying art is tricky, and most folks would not recommend it, but I could not be happier with this purchase. It is such a lovely piece (even better in person if you can believe it), and arrived at my doorstep 4,000 miles away packaged with the utmost care. MarshallwalkerUK earned every bit of this five star review, and should get 10 stars for putting up with me. Thank you, Charlie and Lee!" Katie https://etsy.me/3FgpbZs

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