Delivered in one piece or your money back.

We insure your items in full, so in the unlikely event your goods are damaged in transport, we will refund you the delivery fee plus the full value of the goods. 

  • Antique & Modern Furniture

    After years of selling antique furniture, we understand how fragile some items can be. Trust is to deliver your antique furniture in one piece, carefully packed, carefully transported and carefully delivered.

  • Artwork & Sculptures

    Often artwork and sculptures come at a price. We handle every item as a white glove service. Professionally packaged, and carefully delivered.

  • Fragile Items

    If it's fragile, delicate or just needs a little care and attention, we've got the courier service for you. Take away the worry of your item being delivered damaged. Trust Marshall Walker.


5 out of 5 stars

Couldn't have been happier. The delivery came way quicker than expected, the cabinet was in terrific condition, and the company very accommodating and a pleasure to deal with.

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