Antique and Vintage Furniture Purchase

Your house clearance furniture could be worth more than you think!

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Sell, Save, Re-Home

Marshall Walker, a family-owned business, understands that parting with unwanted furniture can be a difficult decision. However, their team offers a friendly and professional service that provides an honest appraisal and purchase of your furniture.

While many unwanted items often end up at recycling centres, Marshall Walker believes that unique pieces deserve a second chance. Their team restores and upcycles furniture, allowing it to be owned and loved again. From furniture to art, chinaware, and jewellery, Marshall Walker deals in all furnishings to ensure that each item finds a new home.

One of the best things about Marshall Walker's services is that payment is immediate, and furniture is removed on the same day. This means that customers can move on from their unwanted items without any hassle.

At Marshall Walker, the team is dedicated to providing a service that is both respectful and sensitive to their clients' situation. By choosing Marshall Walker, customers can be sure that their unwanted furniture will find a new home, and unique pieces will be restored and upcycled, rather than ending up in a recycling centre.

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